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Free Standing packaging for liquids and dried goods. These pouches provide strong visual impact on the supermarket shelf while offering space efficiency for stacking. The stand-up pouch format is growing faster than any other mainstream packaging format.The endless options at MBR FLEXIBLES LTD allow you to create a custom package that suits the needs of your product and your consumers, while having great shelf appeal.
Benefits of Standup Pouch

  • Shelf appeal competitive display environment
  • Less storage space
  • Used to keep food fresh
  • Use friendly and customised shape
  • Easier to dispose of than bulky cartons
  • Less weighs than bottles
  • Zipper / Notch / Handle / Spout / D-Cut / Euro Punch

    As name suggests we can make the shape pouches as desired by you. We can design shape pouch by considering your design and goods capability. Shaped pouches are great for refills, helping your sustainability efforts. Shape pouches are generally used in beverages and foods sectors. Pouch shapes can be completely customized based on your specifications.
    Benefits of Shape Pouch

  • Shaped to match your brand
  • Stand-up capabilities
  • Retort applications
  • Convenient to use
  • Customize size and shapes
  • Zipper / Spout/ Notch/ D-Cut/ Euro Slot/ Rivet/

    This type of pouch can be made by joining of two films and sealing three positions around pouch. One side of the bag is kept open for the client to fill the product and seal the fourth side with a heat sealer. Moreover, these pouches are also leak-proof in finish, thus making these widely demanded among different industrial packaging applications.
    Benefits of Three Side Seal Pouch

  • Ensure safe packaging of the products packed inside
  • The leak proof properties
  • highly reliable in usage and durable in finish
  • Zipper / Notch / Handle / Spout / D- Cut / Euro Punch
  • Most convenient option and user friendly

    Kraft Pouches are constructed from high quality plastic laminates on the inside with an outer Kraft paper covering. Kraft pouches widely used in food products, pharmacy products and agricultural products. Kraft pouches also allow high impact graphic design and printing.
    Benefits of Kraft Pouch

  • Eco friendly options
  • Cost effective compare to others
  • Less weight
  • Customize printing
  • Durability
  • Excellent aesthetic look

    Spouted Pouch is a new method to differentiate your brand, create a strong shelf presentation. It is a safer packaging solution which ensures that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free than the Plastic bottles or Glass bottles. Spout pouches are one of the most attractive forms of promotional packaging. Spouted pouches are reusable hence increasing use of spout pouches because of the environment friendly conscious consumers. Spout pouches are used to package liquid substances, which usually include products beverages and energy drinks.
    Benefits of Spouted Pouch

  • Temper proof
  • Can be shelf standing
  • Can be shaped for function and design
  • Used mainly for liquid product
  • Durability

    Vacuum packing is the most effective way in the food packaging to get an extended shelf life of the food products without affecting their quality. It can prevent the spoilage of the food and keep the food fresh inside the vacuum sealed pouches. There are various types of food products in the market which needs to remains its freshness till customer consumes it and they are mainly dried food, meat, sea food tea etc. Other than food products, there are other non-food products like chemical products and medical devices which needs to prevent oxidation and hence vacuum pouches are very useful for these products as well.
    Benefits of Vacuum Pouch

  • Increasing shelf life of product
  • Maintains the freshness of product
  • Preserve the packed items from water and moisture
  • Best suitable for frozen items
  • Very good resistance to puncture and tearing

    As the name suggests window pouch comes with window that have a transparent portion. You might have seen such pouches being used to sell cereals, detergents, cookies, candies, pet food, coffee, etc. Windows are a great value addition and offer something to everyone. Window pouches offer better product visibility. It gives your customers a sneak peek at the contents of the pouch. Consumers enjoy the convenience offered by windowed pouches as they don’t need to open the packaging to see if the product is fit for consumption. Besides, windows look attractive and add a charm to the packet.
    Benefits of Window Pouch

  • Very good resistance to puncture and tearing
  • Visibility of product
  • Effective in branding
  • Good displaying packaging option

    Side gusset pouches are one of the old packaging styles. Traditionally they are used for tea OR coffee but now a day these types of pouches can be used for number of applications. Its side-gusset feature allows your package to be displayed vertically or horizontally, giving retailers more options for shelf display. It is preferable for you to choose gusseted bags due to their ease of use and less space occupying factor. The dual-sided gussets increase the bag’s filling volume which allows the pouch to hold more product and weight. This also adds more flexibility when dealing with large or abnormally shaped products.
    Benefits of Side Guesset Pouch

  • Unique style
  • Increasing shelf life of product
  • Fold over bottom allows for stand up
  • Shelf standing
  • Increases filling volume

    MBR FLEXIBLES LTD is always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and add value to your brand. Our zipper resealable pouches do just that by providing more controlled pouring capabilities combined with a press-to-close zipper opening for safe, convenient storage. Products like snacks, candy and pet food can be easily poured from the pouch and resealed in the package for future use.
    Benefits of Zipper Pouch

  • Re-sealable feature
  • More convenient style for end users
  • Used to keep freshness of product
  • User friendly
  • Shelf standing

    Our paper bags are made from selected materials only. Paper packaging offer the exact same function as what your plastic packaging would, but paper bags are more flexible and serve your environment conscious consumers. This simple fold-and-go option is consumer friendly and makes product filling easy. The pasted bottom of these bags does not provide an air-tight seal, so this bag is best used for products that will be consumed immediately or within a few days. If you want a distinctive organic packaging appearance for you packaging then a paper bag option is the best option for you.
    Benefits of Paper Pouch

  • Excellent aesthetic look
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Environment friendly

    Transparent Pouches offered comprise quality transparent pouches that feature high tensile strength and come with reasonable transparency for clarity purposes. These transparent pouches extensively used in food and beverage industry. Transparent pouches can be of one side transparent OR two sided transparent depending on the requirement of the clients.
    Benefits of Transparent Pouch

  • Highly reliable in usage and durable in finish
  • Durability
  • Can be shelf standing
  • Visibility of product
  • Effective in branding

    Center Sealed Pouches finds usage when there is the requirement of packing the items with thickness. These are used specially in food and chemical packaging applications where required the capability to withstand high and low temperatures. Further, the flexible packaging material is also provided with center seal that helps in keeping packed material safe from possible contaminants like air, moisture and other external factors that can hamper the quality of the packed item.
    Benefits of Center Sealed Pouch

  • Protection from oxidation
  • Extended shelf life
  • Highly used for packing items with thickness
  • Leakage proof

    All cartons that require long term unrefrigerated protection are packed in laminates containing a layer of aluminium. Aluminium foil is best at protecting foods from the effects of light and oxygen, which can damage food. Because it also keeps moisture out of food, it is ideal for freezing food. Wrapping foods in both plastic and foil prior to freezing provides maximum protection. Aluminium foil must never be used in the microwave due to the risk of fire.
    Benefits of Center Sealed Pouch

  • Reshape & Recycling capability
  • Used to keep freshness of product
  • Durability of material
  • Very good resistance to puncture and tearing